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[ Melzel美康喜 ] 品牌视觉建设


USA Melrose Nutrition Corporation, is one of the most famous nutrition research and development institutions in the United States with R & D, production and sales. It is a comprehensive company aiming at children nutritious supplements, owning the leading laboratory for children nutritious food production, world-class and fully automatic equipments and management systems. In 2012, Melrose cooperated with Sage Pharmaceuticals to research and produce the new infant formula——Melzel “365 Intelligent Milk Powder Formula” based on the needs and practical situation of Chinese babies.

美国美诺斯营养品有限公司,是美国著名的营养品研发机构之一,集研发、生产、销售于一体,是一家综合性儿童营养品公司,拥有全美一流的儿童营养食品实验室及世界一流全自动化生产设备和管理体系。2012年,美诺斯协同拥有FDA资质的美国权威药企Sage Pharmaceuticals公司,基于中国宝宝对高端营养食品的需求和实际情况,共同研发出新一代育智型婴幼儿配方奶粉——Melzel 美康喜“育智365”。

To better interact with the development of Chinese mainland market, USA Melrose Nutrition Corporation built the long- term strategic cooperation with Shanghai Wanyuan Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. and established Melzel Food(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to introduce the latest infant milk powder formula that are packed in the US and then delivered across the ocean.


Lu-E shares the creation with you.


Lu-E executed the brand vision construction for Melzel including logo design, brand story, catalogue, package and so on.